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Damavand Tomb Tower

These kinds of Architectures in Iran are in fact shrines of Iranian Princes which people used to rename to Islamic names in order to keep them safe from arabic/islamic or mongol invaders. However this one's name has fortunately remained Aryan, it takes its name from its ancient city ' Damavand '. This city plays a critical role in the history of Aryans.
Since it belongs to the famous historical mountain ' Alborz ' (Harburz). In ancient Iranian texts is mentioned that this mountain is the place for final battle between divine (Ahuramazda) and Evil (Ahriman). The division of Aryans happened after captivity of Mesopotamian cruel king (Zahhak) by Aryans, that resulted in first kingdom of Aryans because of their necessity for unification, and finally their division. It's estimated around 5000 years ago.